Lewis Hooper & Dick


Mission, Vision and Values


We are dedicated to providing outstanding, individualized services and achieving maximum benefit and value.
Together we achieve more.


Culture—High performance, dynamic work, with tools to do our best.

People—Right people committed to clients, service, core values.

Environment—Feel valued as a contributing member of a high achieving team and each client feels valued and understood.

Image—Leading firm with the best people; known for excellence, client care, innovation and ethics.

Attitude—Dedicated to creating loyal clients, making a positive impact in our community and helping each other and our clients find success.


Integrity –

  • We maintain the same values that were established when the firm was founded and will maintain the same level of integrityhonesty and respect to our clients and staff.

Dedication –

  • We are dedicated to providing professional, quality service.
  • Our staff is accountable for our clients’ successes and expectations.

Excellence –

  • We sustain efficiency derived from a team of experienced, seasoned professionals who are familiar with your business and your industry.
  • Innovation – We maintain a healthy balance of traditional values and modern execution through our combination of true leadership, veteran knowledge and youth talent.
  • We offer creativity to clients by being thorough on all projects.
  • We value continuous improvement for our clients and staff.

Teamwork –

  • We strive to provide a fulfilling experience for each client by offering open communication, appreciation and flexibility.