Email Subject Lines Subscribers Can’t Resist!

Your list of contacts in your email list are a hugely valuable business asset. The ability to send valuable content to your target audience, all the while building long-term relationships plays a big role in your online marketing efforts.

But, how can you strengthen these relationships if your emails aren’t being opened?

Your email subject line is a huge deciding factor in whether or not your email will be opened. Want to know which email subject lines get the best results?

Here are a few of the top performers, across all industries:

  • [Business Name] May 2015 News Bulletin!
  • [Business Name] Invites You!
  • Happy Holidays from [Business Name]
  • ATTENTION [Business Name] Staff!

Tip: Using your business name in your subject line can have a positive impact on your open rates.

  • [Urgent] You’ve got ONE DAY to watch this…
  • Get this NOW before it’s gone!
  • How (and why) to calculate Average Customer Value

Tip: Try to convey a sense of urgency, or use the ellipse (…) at the end of your subject lines.

And finally, here’s a quick list of powerful keywords to use in your subject lines:

  • Upgrade
  • Congratulations
  • Go
  • Wonderful
  • Available
  • New
  • Weekend
  • Alert
  • Free delivery

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