Get the Most Out Of Your Partnerships

Whether we’re talking about money, information, technology, or vendors, all business leaders need something from someone else. Keeping a close connection with your network helps keep those resources close at hand. Your professional partnerships can also be effective in optimizing your time and energy, often with mutual benefits.

To build stronger and smarter partnerships, consider some of the following ideas for success:

Overcome ‘small business syndrome’. Don’t let the size of your company dictate your business relationships. Even the largest companies can add value to their organization through partnerships from small startups.

Investigate your hidden barriers. In a business partnership, it’s important to keep in mind that you make up half of the relationship. Keep the relationship mutually beneficial by focusing on what you know how to do, and accept opportunities to try new things.

Find a trusted advisor. When looking for partnership opportunities, connect with someone who cares about you and your business success. Look for someone with expertise in your field that would be willing to offer useful advice and criticism.

Map out a web of connections. Find resources like industry blogs, social media accounts and networking events to keep up-to-date with influential leaders in your field. Then you can identify already existing connections to see if someone you already know could possibly help in giving you a warm introduction.

See your connections in a broader scope. Learn to appreciate both the individual you are connecting with, and their company as a whole. Oftentimes, the strongest networks and connections aren’t only just with “key players”.

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