How Climate Change is Impacting the World’s Food Supply

Implications of climate change are  being talked about around the globe. One of the biggest challenges that we face as a planet is the impact climate change will have on our food supply. While there are people who support climate change and those who do not, the rising planet temperatures are likely to affect the world’s food supply in 3 key ways, according to experts.

In an article from Live Science, Sara Miller writes, “ Researchers studying climate change are looking at how the biological and physical changes happening on Earth due to climate change will transform food production”.  

In this article, Miller examines how climate change will affect the world’s food supply:

  • Food quantity
  • Location
  • Food quality

Miller’s article does a nice job describing how the Earth’s rising temperatures will affect the food supply in the three ways mentioned above. She writes, “The findings illustrate how the effects of climate change are still surprising, even to scientist”.

To read more, see the full article from Sara Miller in Live Science.