How to Use Blockchain in Agriculture

Blockchain technology has made its way to the agricultural industry, and the food industry is taking notice. While complex, blockchain technology can enhance the way farmers grow and distribute our food.

In an article from Coin Telegraph, author Ann Maslova writes, “Our current food system offers a fertile opportunity to explore how the Blockchain technology can interact with our ecosystems — both human and ecological — to add value to our lives. Fortunately, a number of startups are already hard at work in this area”.

In the article, Maslova discusses:

  • Food and eating
  • Solutions are possible
  • Simplifying deliveries
  • Origin, quality and certification
  • Farmers using blockchain

Maslova continues, “Blockchain is a valuable technology, but people must create the rest of the ecosystem. If we display the origin of food while making an open and informed marketplace, we are creating a level playing field where small and medium producers can reach their customers”. Do you see a need for blockchain implementation in the agricultural industry?

To read more, see the full article from Ann Maslova in Coin Telegraph.