This Agricultural ‘Moonshot’ Could Change the Future of Food

As scientists are looking to the future, they are challenged with the problem of feeding almost 10 billion people. Thankfully, an elite group of scientist has been brought together for a year long brainstorming session to figure out how to address this problem.

In an article from The Washington Post, author Jenna Gallegos writes, “Their expertise ranges from nutrition to climate science to nanotechnology, and the report they’re set to deliver next March will lay out a “strategic vision” for how to rapidly improve the quality and quantity of food”.

In her article, Jenna Gallegos discusses:

  • The stagnation of the investment in agricultural technology
  • Threats to the global food supply
  • Precision agriculture

Gallegos writes, “The Science Breakthroughs 2030 report is targeted for completion before the current farm bill expires. The committee will meet five times this year, mostly behind closed doors”. Interested in learning more about the science committee and their plans to sustain the global food supply?

See the full article from Jenna Gallegos in The Washington Post to learn more!