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Technology in Agriculture

March 16 2018

Agricultural technology (AgTech) is gradually becoming more important to our farmers and the agricultural industry as a whole. This article discusses how AgTech has transformed, and how disruption has played a role in advancing the agricultural sector. To view this article, click the following link to access the original content. https://disruptionhub.com/agtech-investment-grows/

The Development of the Gig Economy

March 09 2018

Independent contractors and short-term workers have become increasingly popular for businesses with big projects and short deadlines. This article discusses why the gig economy has created more opportunity for millennials, as well as the negative implications it can have on a workforce. To view this article, click the following link to access the original content….

Agriculture and Tax Reform

March 02 2018

Farmers are getting a tax boost with the help of the newly passed tax law, which allows them to deduct the majority of their business costs. This article discusses how the agriculture industry is responding to tax reform, and what deductions will mean for farmers going forward. To view this article, click the following link…

Lewis, Hooper & Dick, LLC Welcomes New Associate

February 16 2018

Lewis, Hooper & Dick, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Reagan M. Quick to their professional team. As an associate, Quick will be responsible for preparing federal and state tax returns, payroll tax, and sales tax. “We are thrilled to be recruiting some of the best young talent in the industry,” said Theresa…

Why Combining the Efforts of Finance and HR Might Be the Best Thing For Your Company

February 02 2018

Collaboration between an unlikely alliance – a CFO and CHRO – may be a hidden source of success for your business. Communication is key, and now so is department collaboration. In an article from Entrepreneur, authors John Berisford and Jack Callahan write, “But when the collaboration works — when the CFO and CHRO align their…

Tip: The Only New Year’s Resolutions You Need

January 31 2018

In the wake of the New Year, many of us burden ourselves with a laundry list of resolutions to do things differently and to improve upon our personal and professional goals.  For many entrepreneurs, a new year offers a clean slate and a tantalizing chance to achieve greater business success. Individual goals may vary, but…

Technology: Net Neutrality – What’s All the Fuss About?

January 31 2018

According to the pundits, the Dec. 14 move by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to repeal existing net neutrality rules is either a major blow to free communication or a storm in a teacup. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere between these polarizing viewpoints. It appears that those who supported dismantling the rules put in place…

Stock Market: Outlook for 2018

January 31 2018

Before considering what might be ahead in 2018, perhaps it’s worth looking back to acknowledge that 2017 was a banner year—both a great year for U.S. stocks, as well as the year when international markets turned a corner. In the United States, earnings for 2017 have been solid and growth expectations are on an upswing….

What the New Tax Law Means for Agriculture

January 26 2018

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will, for the most part, benefit American farmers. However, there are those who might not benefit as much as others. According to an article from American Agriculturist, “Farm Credit East tax experts have reviewed the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — the largest overhaul of the U.S. tax…

5 Agricultural Trends to Watch in 2018

January 19 2018

It has become increasingly easy for those in rural areas to connect with a larger customer base thanks to the Internet and the creation of social media. With these communication tools comes a responsibility for farmers and producers to explain to their customers how their food is made. In an article from Farm and Dairy,…