10 Ways to Help Prepare for the Golden Years

With the start of a new year behind us now, it’s the perfect time to consider securing your upcoming retirement. Below are just a few ways on how to prepare for the golden years.

Save 1 percent more. Consider setting your 401(k) or IRA a bit higher next year, especially if you receive a raise in the new year.

Max out your employer benefits. Take advantage of any employee matching programs or contributions offered by your company.

Consider a Roth. This type of retirement saving allows you to pay taxes on your contributions upfront, and therefore, none on your withdrawals in retirement.

Get your Social Security statement. Now that you can receive your statements online, take a couple minutes to check that your earnings history has been properly recorded.

Downsize your lifestyle. Consider moving into a condo if you don’t need the big house anymore or sharing a car since neither of you is working anymore.

For more ways to secure your retirement in 2013, visit Yahoo! Finance.

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