5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Income

It’s always discouraging when you’ve been working hard to cut back on spending and still falling short of paying your bills. There are a variety of ideas to try in order to earn a little extra income each month. Try several of the following income-boosting techniques to help pay off those overdue bills:

Recycle aluminum cans – You won’t become a millionaire by collecting cans, but it can help earn a few bucks and you’re helping out the environment. According to today’s prices, you’ll get one to two cents per can.

Sell used textbooks – Books are usually always expensive and if you sell them back right after classes are over, you’ll get back most of what you paid. A lot of online vendors buy back books, so take some time to research in order to get the best prices.

Build a CD ladder – Instead of opening up just one CD, consider opening multiple high-yield CDs over time so the maturity dates arrive more frequently.

Take advantage of cash back rewards credit cards – Some credit cards reward you with cash, offer a percentage back on all merchandise purchased or reimburse you when you buy certain products.

Participate in surveys and studies – Colleges and marketers are always looking for study participants in order to complete their research. You can earn a good hourly rate by going in to take part in the study or focus group, and by taking online surveys.

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