6 Awesome Entrepreneurial Traits

Though not everybody is cut out to run their own business, some are more adept than others at being at the helm of a successful entrepreneurial enterprise.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires both a great business idea and certain specific traits.

Jenny Ta, founder and CEO of Sqeeqee.com, a social commerce platform that gives individuals, businesses, celebrities, politicians, and nonprofit organizations the ability to monetize their profiles, said that, for years, people have tried to identify what qualities make successful entrepreneurs, especially serial entrepreneurs, different from everyone else.

Based on her experience, Ta said there are six common traits found in entrepreneurs:

Confidence: Belief in oneself is a universal characteristic of serial entrepreneurs. You must believe in yourself and believe in your vision.

Self-motivation: Simply sitting around believing in yourself won’t allow you to get much done. You must be motivated to work toward the realization of your vision and that motivation should come from within.

Tenacity: Successful entrepreneurs do not lie down in the face of adversity. If the first real challenge you face takes the wind out of your sails, how can you hope to overcome the numerous and difficult obstacles that almost always pave the way to success?

An understanding of your limitations: A good entrepreneur is a good leader and a good leader knows when to listen to others.

A healthy disrespect for the rules: People with an entrepreneurial spirit know that rules and common knowledge exist to be defied.

Willingness to fail: An entrepreneur has to be able to objectively weigh risk and reward and take the risk when it makes sense.

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