6 Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns have the potential to drive customers to your website and generate sales. However, many companies don’t understand that there is a big difference between simply adding people to your contact list and running a successful campaign that engages subscribers. Here are six tips to help you maximize your email marketing efforts:

Split test your opt-in forms. This allows you to test different variables on your website in order to see which combinations will generate the most responses. For example, if you can’t decide what color to make the “Sign Up Now” button, you can test various choices against each other and see which option received more email subscriptions.

Split test broadcast messages. Consider split testing both the subject line and call to action in your broadcast messages. Even just a small change in the click-through rate can make a big different in ROI.

Survey your customers. Simply set up a survey, email customers and ask them for their feedback about a product.

Help now and sell later. Use email marketing as a way to provide helpful information and deepen your customer relationships rather than to make a sales pitch.

Segment your lists. Tailor your marketing messages to specific customers in order to make it more relevant and interesting to your subscribers.

Regularly scrub your lists. It doesn’t do you any good to continuously send emails to subscribers who no longer open your messages. Take time each month to scrub your list and remove the people you’ve fallen out of touch with.

For more tips on how to maximize your email marketing campaigns, visit Entrepreneur.

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