Agritourism and Your Farm

Building on the success of corn mazes and pumpkin patches, farmers are finding new ways to bring visitors from the city out to their farms.

“One of the unique things about this whole idea of agritourism is that it’s an interface between agriculture and the urban population,” says Idaho grower Jim Lowe. “You’ve got to be within easy reach of the population base, and you’ve got to have the production of agriculture. We’re not only providing a great time and a lot of fun, we’re also connecting people with things we’re doing on the rest of our farm, and that’s important.”

Agritourism isn’t just for autumn. There are ways to open your farm to visitors during all stages of production. Farm-to-table dinners, opportunities for visitors to interact with animals, and school tours are some ways farmers are getting city folks out to visit. Tourists are interested in the story your farm has to tell, and they become more invested in your farm and its products when they can experience it up close.

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