Avoid These Emotional Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Selling a home can be an emotional process. This is the home your kids grew up in and you prepared numerous family dinners in. But when the home selling process gets underway, it’s best to distance yourself from the house and keep your emotions in check. Here are five emotional mistakes that cost home sellers money:

Not Detaching From the Home. It’s normal to have some emotional ties to your house but you have to be able to detach yourself. Doing so will help you be more realistic about the price, making it easier to sell.

Overpricing Your Pride. Buyers might not agree to pay extra for what you think is an added-value characteristic.

Taking Offers Personally. Getting a low offer doesn’t mean you should refuse it right away. Continue to counter and see if you get them to go a little higher.

Displaying Personal Items. When holding open houses, make the inside as neutral as possible. Nothing turns buyers off more than too many personal items on the walls.

Ignoring Agent’s Advice. Real estate agents know what they’re talking about. You may not like the advice they give but everything they say is in your best interest.

For more information on how to emotionally distance yourself from your house when selling, visit Fox Business.

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