Boost Workplace Collaboration

Collaboration in the workplace is an often discussed topic in any office environment, and for good reason. To increase productivity, resource sharing and keep your customers happy, collaboration is key. But where should you start? Here are three easy ways to boost collaboration in your workplace:


  1. Communicate and Reinforce Expectations

Create and follow through with clear and measurable goals. Ensure that employees know they will be evaluated not only by the ability to meet objectives, but also by how they achieve them.


  1. Incentivize Collaboration

After setting expectations, take time to reward employees who demonstrate strong collaboration skills. Consider providing bonuses to teams that excel, or even offer employees the opportunity to nominate their peers for a gift card or other perk for being collaborative.


  1. Foster A Collaborative Environment

It’s important to keep in mind that collaboration can’t be forced. A company that fosters workplace collaboration provides opportunities for employees to develop interdepartmental relationships. Even if your team isn’t located under the same roof physically, there are a plethora of virtual tools that can create a collaborative environment. Find what works best for your staff, and use your own unique approach to build a culture of collaboration.


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