Building Your Farm’s Brand

Farming has become a practice of sustainability, and farmers want consumers to start noticing. Building a farm brand may be the next step in revolutionizing farming.

In an article from, author Jessie Scott writes about Reid and Carla Weiland, farmers who have created a brand for their farm. Scott writes, “This past August, Reid and Carla Weiland hosted Senator Joni Ernst on their Garner, Iowa, farm as part of the senator’s 99-county tour. This visit didn’t stem from Reid Weiland’s political connections or from Weiland Farms’ reputation, although the latter did help with the process. When Weiland’s name came up as an option for the tour, the senator’s team took a look at his website and found that the farm’s values aligned with hers”.

In the article, Scott discusses:

  • Using your brand as a tool
  • How farmers can create a unique brand

Scott continues, “In the first year, Weiland says he spent about $8,000 on the brand assessment, logo development, website, brochure, and best practices for an Instagram page”. Is your farm taking steps to create a brand? It may pay off in the future.

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