Digital Transformation in Agriculture

While the agriculture industry may not be thought of as technologically advanced, a digital transformation may be the key to increased productivity and reduced labor. With a digital transformation, farmers may soon be able to expand their markets.

In an article from Nearshore Americas, author Ignacio Perrone writes, “while the use of technology in the production process is still nascent, its use in marketing is spreading much faster, allowing companies of all sizes to reach their customers in new ways, and creating new customer experiences that help them differentiate in a vertical that is prone to commoditization”.

In this article Perrone discusses:

  • Internet of fruits?
  • Enabling technology to impact production
  • Awareness, education, and upskilling

Perrone continues, “Ultimately, the critical success factors for connected agriculture solutions providers include enabling continuous monitoring, empowering real-time data collection, increasing automation of crop cultivation and livestock production systems, and demonstrating increased farmer Return Of Investment”. How does your agricultural business plan on transforming digitally?

To read more, see the full article from Ignacio Perrone in Nearshore Americas.