Employees Not Pulling Their Weight: It’s Time to Let Them Go

No manager enjoys the firing process. But when employees aren’t pulling their weight, there’s no reason to keep them around and risk hurting the company even further. Below are some instances when you just have to say enough is enough, it’s time to let this employee go:

No Call/No Show – When an employee fails to show up for work or call to let the manager know he or she is unable to come in, that’s a reason to fire. Be sure to document the absence on a disciplinary report so you have examples of poor behavior when letting them go.

Integrity is Essential – If the employee has broken their integrity to the company then the company is at fault. But if the employee breaks integrity a second time, there is no reason to give them another chance.

Hire Slow, Fire Fast – If you’re spending a considerate amount of time deciding whether to fire someone, it’s probably time to pull the trigger. People inherently try to avoid conflict so they will rationalize poor performance.

What Does Your Team Think – Make sure everyone on the team is aligned in the company’s culture. If one person doesn’t fit, it may be time to let them go for the benefit of the whole company.

Nothin’ but Net – Consider the employee’s net effect on the company. Has the company missed out on something because of his or her poor performance? It might benefit you to weigh the pros and cons of hiring someone new and firing the weakest link.

For more examples of when it might be time to let an employee go, visit Fox Business.

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