Four Reasons Resumes No Longer Work

As a business owner, what are your perceptions on the uses of resumes? As the business world changes, resumes are starting to become obsolete. Are you ready for these changes?

In an article from Fast Company, author Stephanie Vozza writes, “Technology has changed the marketplace, and HR is the only vertical that hasn’t seen a rapid transition, says Carisa Miklusak, CEO of the algorithmic hiring platform tilr”.,

In the article, Vozza discusses:

  • The focus on experience over skills
  • Organized by job titles
  • Static
  • What should you do?

Vozza continues, “For now, resumes are still the standard way of conducting a job search, so make the most of yours until new technology catches up to hiring. If a company requires that you submit your resume online, it’s a good idea to use traditional methods of putting yourself out there”. What ways should job applicants apply for a job at your company? Are there unique methods you would like to see?

To read more, see the full article from Stephanie Vozza in Fast Company.