Friends as Co-Workers Becoming More Common

With the current economy and tough job market, many young adults are working their connections to land employment with the help from their friends. It’s becoming more and more common but they still need to remember the difference between a personal and professional relationship. Here are some things to think about when working with a friend:

How will it affect my reputation? If a friend recommends you and isn’t a great employee, co-workers may view you negatively from the start.

Ask you friend about the work culture. Make sure you’re clear on the atmosphere, hours and dress code. Then do some independent research to confirm what your friend says.

Set guidelines and boundaries. Friends should avoid talking about their personal lives at the office. Make sure you determine what appropriate behavior at work is and what should stay out of the office.

Maintain some independence. You don’t need to go out to lunch every day with your friend. Give yourself opportunities to network and meet other colleagues.

For more information on how to successfully work with friends in the office, visit the Wall Street Journal.

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