Increase Your Sales with Small Steps

Keeping the big picture in mind can help you get a larger bottom line. Large sales sometimes happen with little efforts, including asking for referrals, using a team approach to sales and re-purposing work you’ve already completed.

Try implementing these small changes to increase your sales:

Change your sales process. Ask for a referral after every sale and an appropriate period of time. Of course, this means you must do a great job in order to earn the referral.

Put your boss to work. Prospects and customers perceive that they are more important when you bring your manager to a sales call. That makes them more likely to buy.

Think multi-purpose. It’s more efficient when you can use your work over and over again.

When a customer gives you a compliment, that’s an opportunity to get that compliment put into a testimonial letter. When a customer tells you in a testimonial letter that you produce specific results, you get to use that letter when you sell to other prospects.

Remember: you are much more persuasive when other people say the things about you that you would like to say about yourself!

Big goals aren’t achieved in one quick step. Before you can lose 100 pounds, you have to lose the first pound. You won’t successfully run a marathon unless you can complete the first mile and successful selling is no different – it’s the small steps you take that lead you to big sales.

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