Keep the Recruiting Ball Rolling

Recruiting: it takes time, energy and focus.

It may feel like it’s unproductive for the company since it takes a while for the fruits of your labor – the new hire’s training, acclimation and productivity – to appear.

Be careful not to assume that the recruiting process stops when the candidate accepts your offer. Technically, the process isn’t over until after the employee starts with the company, updates their LinkedIn profile and emails all of their friends.

Here’s a scenario that can unfold after your future team member says “yes,” which is the moment you’re most vulnerable to losing them:

  • If they are as good as you think, it is highly likely their existing employer will work hard to keep them.
  • If the person knew they were going to leave their employer and was talking to multiple companies to be sure the next company was the right fit, the moment they notify the other companies that they have accepted another position, they may begin vying for another shot

So what to do?

  1. Acknowledge that recruiting doesn’t stop until the employee has joined your company.
  2. The moment you get a yes, have all of your key employees email, call or even grab lunch/drinks/coffee with the new recruit to welcome them to the team.
  3. Create an even stronger emotional tie by making public announcements, where possible.
  4. Give some evening homework to the new employee.
  5. Get your investors involved, if it’s a reasonably senior position. Set up calls for VCs to welcome them to the team.

If you put in a Herculean effort to get employees and then lose them after you’ve crossed the finish line, you will waste enormous energy.

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