Leading through Change

Staying competitive can be a challenge to some farmers. That is why it is important to recognize the right time to change.

In an article from Agriculture.com, author Natalina Sents writes, “To get started, farmers need to recognize the right time to change. That could mean diversifying the farm or transitioning to the next generation. By continually working on an S curve, as leaders, they can begin the next transition before progress from the last change has plateaued”.

In the article, Sents discusses:

  • The vision for change
  • Define the change
  • Guiding the change

Sents continues, “Once people have committed to the vision for change, it is time to lead them through the next stages of the Roller Coaster. This includes focused exploration, problem solving, refining purpose, reattachment, and excitement. When change has been adopted, a farm leader’s work isn’t done. It is time to begin the process again”. How do you deal with changes on your farm?

To read more, see the full article from Natalina Sents in Agriculture.com