Lessons in Exceptional Leadership

Keeping a business successful for almost four decades doesn’t happen without inspired leadership. Many entrepreneurs are born leaders, while for others, it’s an acquired skill. That was the case for Kris Birch, president of his family’s landscape business, Birch, Inc. He had a lot to learn when he took the helm of the business. Here are three of Birch’s essentials of exceptional leadership:

Honesty Operating a business – especially a family business spanning nearly 40 years – is all about relationships. Building those relationships is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. The foundation for all solid relationships is honesty, even if it means you can’t make a big sale right away.

Professionalism Birch believes in looking the part, being reliable, and always over-delivering. He instills this in each of his employees during training. Maintaining the professionalism the company was founded on is one of the things that keeps the company’s brand consistent.

Accountability When your business bears your family name, you are extra vigilant about protecting the integrity of that name. Birch takes accountability very seriously. He insists on accountability at all levels of his business. That includes being responsive when the customer brings a concern, as well as being proactive and going to the customer if they notice something first.

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