Make Efficiency a Healthy Habit

Sometimes it can seem like regular habits can become rigid and boring. However, regular habits can help you become more efficient because you are creating a regular daily flow – which involves work, self-care, downtime, and even daydreaming.


Maximize the time you have by creating habits that are a part of a regular routine. To start the process, reflect on some of the following six ways to begin forming your own healthy habits to increase your efficiency.


  1. Change How You Think About Habits

Although habits can take a while to create and incorporate into your daily routine, they are worth the investment. Habits help you focus your energy and efforts in a smarter way. Make time in your schedule for things that will improve your life and workflow.


  1. Stay Accountable to a Timeline

Consider finding an accountability partner to help keep you on task. Routinely checking in with a designated person will give you a support network to stay on top of your new routine. Alternatively, use a phone alarm or computer reminder to serve as a daily reminder.


  1. Follow the “One Minute” Rule

If a task can be accomplished in 60 seconds or less, jump on it! Keeping small tasks in check as a daily habit keeps your workspace clear and also helps you feel on top of things mentally. Avoid putting off small tasks that will only build up over time.


  1. Self-Review Your Workflow Every Week

By performing a self-review of your workflow efficiency, you can gain a straightforward look at what worked well, and what took longer than anticipated. Use this time to fine-tune your habits to even further improve your efficiency. At the end of every week, make some time to evaluate how your habits are affecting your work.


  1. Start Small & Practice Often

Begin by focusing on one thing to improve, then set a goal with a timeframe of completion. As you progress, you’ll be able to work on larger goals as you practice and continue to practice.


  1. Secure the Right Support Tools

Utilizing the right tools will help you become more efficient, faster. Ask yourself what you really need to feel inspired and stay motivated. What helps you stay focused and energized? The right set of tools will help you build long-term habits that are effective and efficient.


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