Mastering Any Conference

Participating in industry conferences can either feel energizing or exhausting, depending on your approach. Conferences present an exciting opportunity to meet new people, keep up with hot topics, and find out about new ideas within your field.

To get the most out of conferences, try some of these practical tips. By taking on a new approach, you’ll feel invigorated after each conference that you attend!

Be purposeful

Most conferences cover many topics, aspects of an industry, as well as other surrounding events. Take some time to define your goals and priorities. Is your overall goal to connect with new people? Or, to get perspectives on the latest and greatest within your industry? Know your goals, and plan your conference activities accordingly.

Alert your network

Let your existing connections know what conferences you’re attending before you arrive. By connecting pre-conference, you can make a plan to meet up in person, rather than leaving it up to chance.

Ask questions to give and to get

At larger conferences, there can be long lines – and waiting. Break the bad habit of hunkering down into your mobile device. Instead, talk to people in the queues. Conferences aren’t the place to be reserved with questions or coy about your expertise. Your ability to engage in the right questions can be a great indicator of your skill sets with other conference attendees that you meet.

Take pictures and videos

Capture and post pictures of great moments at conferences. Even take it a step further by sharing with your company, so that your attendance and involvement within your industry is visible to clients and contacts.

Don’t neglect the follow up

Long-term benefits derived from conferences come not only from knowledge gained, but from the connections that you’ve made. By diligently following up with new contacts, you can set yourself apart by reaping long-lasting rewards from your conference attendance.

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