Motivation: What Your Employees Want

How do you find and keep good employees? Benefits impress them during the recruitment phase, but it will take more than that to retain them and keep them loyal to your company.

In a new Entrepreneur article, Glenn Llopis writes, “As leaders, we must always hold ourselves accountable to build meaningful and purposeful relationships with our employees. This allows us to better understand those we are serving, and what motivates them to perform for the betterment of a healthier whole.” Here are some of the motivational factors Llopis identifies:

  • Career relevancy Employees want experiences that relate to their duties, but they also want training and exposure to new ideas and projects that will broaden their skill sets to keep pace with industry trends.
  • Career advancement Employees want to know that there’s a defined career path, and what they need to achieve in order to advance along that path.
  • Career stability Employees need to feel secure in their jobs, and they want to know they have a future with your company. If they know you are loyal to them and value their contributions to the business, they will in turn be more loyal to you as well.

To read more about motivating your employees, see the full article.