Productivity in 2017

Looking ahead to the new year, many business owners take stock of the areas they could improve in their personal and professional lives. Where does productivity factor in? In a new Entrepreneur article, Nina Zipkin gives some suggestions for making your 2017 more productive:

  • Prioritize your goals. Don’t get overly ambitious or you won’t know where to start. Have a few main goals, and once accomplished, you can move on to others.
  • Share your to-do lists. Being accountable with colleagues and friends means they can help you stay on track and offer support.
  • Plan ahead. It’s easy for small things to add up and eat away at your productivity time. End each day with a specific to-do list for the next day and try to stick to it.
  • Take a vacation. Make time to get away, even if you don’t leave town. Having down time will make you more productive when you are in the office.

To read more, see the full article from Entrepreneur magazine.