Scam Alert: Fake Sales Calls

Lewis, Hooper & Dick, LLC would like to remind our clients and contacts to always be alert for scammers. Recently, a scammer posing as a Lewis, Hooper & Dick, LLC team member attempted to elicit personal information from a local individual. The phone number listed on the caller ID was very similar to the phone numbers associated with our offices. In the event you receive a call from someone you do not know that claims to be from our firm, do not share your private information. Rather, hang up and call the Lewis, Hooper & Dick, LLC main line to either confirm or report the call.

Based on an FTC release, here are a few red flags that could help you identify a fraudulent call:

  • If the caller fails to identify him or herself promptly;
  • If the caller tries to create a sense of panic;
  • If the caller offers you something free, such as a prize or gift, but then tries to make you pay a fee to collect;
  • If the caller requests that you “confirm” your private account information;
  • If the call is outside of regular business hours

Again, if you receive an unsolicited call from someone you are not familiar with who claims to be part of our firm, be sure to hang up and call our main phone number at 620-275-9267 before providing personal information.

For additional information on holiday scams and malware campaigns, read this notice provided by the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team.