The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

Successful companies have strategic plans for both marketing and advertising. While both marketing and advertising are similar, they require separation. How can your company differentiate the two to pave the way for success?

In an article from Inc. author Laurel Mintz writes, “Being able to differentiate between the two will help you create a more complete, “whole” approach to achieving your business goals, which will ultimately impact your bottom line”.

In the article Mintz discusses:

  • How marketing works
  • How advertising works
  • So what does that mean for my business?

Mintz continues, “It’s really critical to understand how marketing and advertising differ, as well as how they work together, to understand why allocating specific budget for both will successfully bring your product to market”. Does your business differentiate marketing and advertising?

To read more, see the full article from Laurel Mintz in Inc.