The Internet of Things and Your Business

As our devices and other technology grow to take up a larger portion of our lives–both at home and at work–the interaction between computers, electronic devices, and machines known as the “Internet of Things” (IoT) has become vital to a wide variety of businesses. In this information age, where hacking for criminal and other purposes has also increased, it’s important for business leaders to stay abreast of how the IoT is used in their field, as well as the challenges that it presents.

In a recent article published by SiteProNews, Labdhi Shah provides an overview of five key issues to consider if your business incorporates the IoT.

  1. Security. Criminal activity and cybersecurity comprise one of the biggest challenges to the not just the IoT, but to the Internet as a whole, so it’s no surprise that this issue tops Shah’s list.
  2. Data Management. The IoT would not exist if not for the data-driven interactions between devices and machines. Make sure you’re managing your data properly.
  3. Emerging Economy and Development Issues. IoT challenges aren’t limited to industrialized countries, especially when it comes to increased economic activity in areas of the world where internet use and high speed access is growing.
  4. Privacy. In addition to tracking and gathering data, ownership of data is both sensitive and unclear.
  5. Business Model. Once your firm has evaluated the above challenges, how do you ultimately incorporate IoT into your business for the best results?

As avoiding the IoT is becoming more difficult across a variety of business sectors, entrepreneurs and other business leaders should be aware of these challenges and carefully consider the impact of the IoT in work and life.

For additional details on the “Top 5 Critical Issues Facing Internet of Things,” read Shah’s full article, available on