Tips to Help You Lead with Confidence

Confidence is crucial when it comes to being a leader. However, self-assurance doesn’t come naturally for many. It takes time to accept and fine tune your skills, strengths and abilities. Don’t let self-doubt prevent you from taking the steps necessary to improve your competence and capabilities. Below are three tips to help this become a reality:

Get the facts first. Anxiety and doubt tend to develop from a negative thought about yourself. Instead of letting those thoughts get you down, put them to test and ask yourself what evidence you have to support them. The facts don’t lie – if they happen to suggest your thought is true, then brainstorm ways to fix the problem. If they prove it’s false, then toss that negative belief out.

Acknowledge your accomplishments. We place so much focus on what we didn’t accomplish that day that we lose sight of other successes. Instead of dwelling on the tasks you couldn’t get to, write down a list of the things you did complete. This will help you accurately track your progress and boost your confidence.

Update your self image. Negative feelings can also be brought on by painful or embarrassing memories of when you did that task horribly. The truth is no one remembers that one time you cried when public speaking. So instead of automatically doubting yourself, think of all the skills you’ve gained over the years and start acting as a more updated, accurate version of yourself.

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