Worst Financial Moves Right Now

In the state of the economy, it’s easy to begin thinking about alternative investment strategies. However, there are some that you will be better off not exercising according to Forbes.

  1. The stock market is shaky. Do not sell stocks or try to guess what the market will do.
  2. Now is not a good time to sell your home. Prices will appreciate in the coming years.
  3. Gold is a hot commodity, but this investment doesn’t make sense when addressing historical trading trends.
  4. Bonds seem enticing when it comes to an investment that is almost risk-free, but rates will eventually go up, making them not a smart investment strategy. If you are investing in bonds, shorter maturities are best.
  5. Investing in the yen may seem like a good idea now, but as the economy improves, the yen’s value will most likely decrease.

To read more about these financial investment trends, visit Forbes.