A New Generation of Government Employees

With large numbers of the Baby Boomer generation preparing to retire over the next few years, hiring and retaining employees has become a big issue for government agencies. A recent article for Government Executive offers some tips for government agencies seeking to make themselves more attractive to new hires.

According to the author, the crux of the issue is that government agencies need to embrace internal innovation in order to keep employees satisfied. The article offers the following suggestions:

  1. Embrace Change – Modernization is a must if government agencies want to retain employees, attract new talent, and provide the best experience for customers. The author suggests three key starting points: website modernization, records and forms digitization, and the use of digital signatures.
  2. Improve Branding – Agencies should modernize their online presence with the goal of branding themselves in a way that is attractive to members of younger generations. This means emphasizing their mission-driven purpose and values and communicating via avenues used by Millennials and Gen Z-ers, such as social media. It also includes using data and analytics to inform their marketing strategies.
  3. Put the Focus on the Mission – As alluded to above, younger generations are driven by the pursuit of a mission to make the world a better place. Investing in innovative technologies can help government agencies pursue their missions more effectively and rapidly. This allows employees to engage more fully with the organization’s mission.

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