Digital Security Failure a Big Problem in Local Government

When it comes to cybersecurity, many state and local government bodies are severely lacking. A recent article from Security Intelligence takes a deep dive into the need for increased digital security in governments.

As new technologies develop, citizens increasingly want more digital access to government information and services. Local governments have responded by making said information available online, which is a good thing. However, in many cases this digital transformation has not been accompanied by a corresponding increase in digital security. This leaves governments vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Why is this such a big issue? Data breaches are very costly, and the price of them simply gets passed on to taxpayers. Plus, governments are a target for a wide variety of cybercriminals: financially motivated criminals, state-sponsored attackers, and more.

Up to this point, local government response to the lack of cybercrime has been underwhelming. Despite the big threat that cybercriminals present, there are many documented cases of governments failing to secure their digital presence.

For more details, and a link to a complete report on the issue, visit Security Intelligence.