Five Suggestions for Successful Performance Reviews

Facilitating and receiving a performance review can be stressful for both the manager and employee. A helpful article published by Management Education Group, Inc. offers a few tips on preparing for and executing the evaluation.


  1. Refer back to previously established performance standards. Discuss the expectations that were made at the beginning of the year and compare them with the outcomes before you.
  2. Use examples. It helps if you keep notes and records about employee performance throughout the year. Simply refer back to what you have on file—both good and bad—as you prepare the evaluation.
  3. Add details. This goes right along with the previous point, above. Specific examples of employee performance lend credence to your performance review.
  4. Use the proper tone. You should direct your comments to the subject of the evaluation rather than writing about the subject of the evaluation. This personal tone will likely be better receive by your employee.
  5. Be balanced. Try to include a good balance of both positive comments and constructive suggestions.

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