Study Results: Drivers of Data Management Practices

With the advent of modern technologies, the increasing availability of data has made it a valuable resource for the public sector. In a recent article for Experian, author Matthew Chase discusses the results of an Experian study that was focused on developing insights about data management practices. The following are what Chase considers to be the most important results of the study:


  • Top drivers behind maintaining high-quality data included efficiency, regulation, and security.
  • New technologies continue to drive change. Digitalization—movement to digital platforms—is occurring in about 82% of the public sector. Modernization is also a big deal, with 79% of those surveyed expressing an interest in updating their current systems.
  • Differences between the public and private sectors include data accuracy (public sector tends to have more-accurate data) and data management strategies (public sector is more likely to see their systems as “optimized”).
  • Data management projects are on the horizon for the majority (90%) of public sector agencies. With 93% of those surveyed expressing the belief that data plays an important role in “achieving their citizen mandate,” this is not surprising.

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