4 Toxic Leadership Traits That Could Destroy Your Company

Lately, high profile CEO’s have been in the news for how they deal with a company crisis. While it usually is not the entire fault of the CEO for whatever crisis has occurred, how they handle the situation sheds light on their personalities.

In an article from Inc. author Marla Tabaka writes, “An ego-driven leader sets poor examples for their employees and unwittingly creates a culture where poor customer service and poor performance are likely”.

In her article, Marla Tabaka discusses 4 traits that could harm your company:

  • Dismissing feedback
  • The blame game
  • Us versus them
  • Avoiding conflict

Brandon Black and Shayne Hughes, authors of the newly released book Ego Free Leadership: Ending the Unconscious Habits that Hijack Your Business, advises that these four personality traits are sure signs of an ego-driven leader. Avoid these four traits if you would like your company to find success!

See the full article from Marla Tabaka in Inc.